Nomination Tips

Hope the following will answer some of the questions we have been asked regarding nominations.

  • Please inform the person you have nominated. 
  • You may nominate a person from within your organization who has volunteered in Bedford.
  • All organizations in Bedford have the opportunity to nominate an individual from within their own organizations.

................Please, just nominate individuals from within your own organizations.

  • Nominated individuals do not have to live in Bedford.  Many of our volunteers do live in surrounding areas and belong to organizations in Bedford; they do much of their volunteering here.
  • Please speak to the volunteer you have nominated and ask for clarification on the "history" of their volunteer experience with your organization........Also.....

IMPORTANT Note to Nominators:   Ask the Nominee for a history of their volunteer experience with other organizations.  

Example:    Type of information that would enhance your nominee's profile follows:

  1. Name of other other organizations where they volunteered.
  2. How many years they volunteered with each organization.
  3. What they did with the other canvassed, manned phones, shoveled snow for shut-ins,etc.....  

We would like to ensure that your "Nominee" receives credit for all of their valuable contributions to our community.

If you have any questions prior to the nomination please contact the committee.  See "contact us" on the right of this screen.  Someone will get back to you a.s.a.p.

Thank you. 

Bedford Volunteer Awards Committee


Nomination Form